Exam Crusher
Exam Crusher
3 years ago
What's on the General Knowledge Test?
How difficult is the FTCE General Knowledge test?
Think of the Florida General Knowledge test as an exam that is meant to ensure that all educators are at and or above a certain knowledge level.

Any good news?

The test is straight forward.

If you prepare, take a relatively inexpensive practice test, review some material, you should be okay.

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The test is long....really long.

Maybe a little too long. But the difficulty is relative to your experience. In other words, everything on the general knowledge test is something that you most likely seen before - though you may not remember all the details of what you are seeing. You have an advantage if you have: - Graduated from High School - Graduated from College - Written an academic essay

What's on the test? - Reading - Writing - Mathematics - English Language Skills Each section is a subtest. In other words, the GK test is 1 test that consists of 4 major parts. And yes, all parts must be passed.

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