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Exam Crusher
3 years ago
Is the Math Portion of the General Knowledge Difficult?
Depending on your math background, the better question is...

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How much time do I have to put in to pass the math portion of the FTCE General Knowledge test?

The general knowledge test DOES NOT contain upper level mathematcs such as Calculus or Differential Equations etc...

But it does contain...

Mathematics that is commonly observed from elemenary to high school courses.

  • arithmetic
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • basic mathematical concpets

You don't want to retake the exam

But Seriously...

Practice tests are the most effective way to diagnose your weak and strong areas in addition prepare you for real testing conditions.

Concerning picking which practice test to invest in, make sure your practice tests are both up-to-date and similar to actual testing conditions (i.e. computer based). Teach Ready offers a wide range of practice tests.
Generally speaking studying and or taking multiple practice tests that are not similar to real tests often paint an inaccurate picture of the real exam.

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